St. Genevieve



Hello guys, how’s your week going? Great i hope, mine has been very stressful to say the least. Sometime last year i came across campaign pictures of the St. Genevieve brand owned by Genevieve Nnaji and i also got to know that the collection could be purchased on I liked the pictures and the pieces from the collection but I didn’t bother going on the website to check out the prices because i just concluded within me that it would be overly pricey (I don’t
know why i came to that conclusion).
I recently got on Jumia and i was shocked when I realized how cheap and affordable her pieces are and also at the time most of the items were on sale so I couldn’t help but get one so I settled for the Alsafi short dress




Dress- St. Genevieve c/o
shoes- Atmosphere
Clear purse- New Look

Photography by: Tope Horpload (you guys can follow him here )

What are your thoughts on this outfit? Please drop your comments below I would love to read from you.
Stay stylish……Fola

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Valentine’s day

Happy Valentine’s day to you all. Some of us are really into this type of stuff and personally any excuse to play dress up is a big win in my book. whether you are going on an extravagant date night with your man or just drinks with your girlfriends, planning an outfit for the night should not cause a wardrobe headache so i put together two outfit ideas just to help y’all figure out what to wear tonight.




Red not your colour? The trick here isn’t to go overboard with a red dress and red accessories. Try a fit & flare dress in your favourite color, the silhouette is flattering to all shapes. Pair it with your favourite shoes and it will still give you that romantic glow that Valentine’s day is all about.



Photography by Tope Horpload

What are your plans for today? What are your thoughts on this outfit? Please drop your comments below I would love to read from you.
Happy Valentine’s day
Stay stylish……Fola

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The TZAR tshirt


Hi guys, it seems the harmattan has finally left us for good and i am taking advantage of the sun which is super hot if i must say so myself.
I bought this limited edition TZAR shirt last december but couldn’t wear it because i planned to style it with this black flare skirt but i just couldn’t find it anywhere. It can be really annoying especially when you are planning outfits around the item but its nowhere to be found. I was happy when i finally bought the skirt from Sheinside and just couldn’t wait to wear ’em.
So so so, i fell in love with this white tee shirt the second i saw it on the Tzar instagram page. For those of you that are familiar with his page you would agree with me that he takes the coolest pictures but the Print on this shirt is right up my alley so i just had to have it and pairing the whole outfit with neon was just me adding a pop of color to white&black.




My very close friend Toyin Oyeneye was around to help out while we were shooting the blog photos and he also wore a t-shirt from TZAR, cool yeah? He is a supermodel and definitely one of the most sort after in Nigeria yes I’m allowed to famz him So everything kinda suddenly turned into a blog collaboration with him.





TZAR t-shirt – Tzar
Flare skirt- Sheinside
Neon shoes-
River Island
Neon purse- Zara

Photography by: Jerrie Rotimi (you guys can follow him here he is amazing)

What are your thoughts on this outfit? Please drop your comments below I would love to read from you. Have a pleasant weekend guys.
Stay stylish……Fola

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Blogging Again


Hi guys, i’m here again like i said i would. I recently realized how much people loved my blog and how they noticed my absence and lack of posts, people i have never met in my life would just walk to me and tell me how they follow my blog, love my posts and ask why i don’t blog anymore and i honestly never know what to say. I am trying to find my mojo back and i’m definitely not going to over-think what i’m going to post anymore i will just type as it comes to my head which is exactly what i’m doing right now and honestly i have really forgotten how to do this whole blogging thing, it feels very new to me.




Skirt- Zara, Shoes- Atmosphere, Neon Cami – Mrp, Purse- Chanel

What are your thoughts on my outfit? please comment below i would love to hear from you.

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Photo credit: Jerrie Rotimi

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Something New

Happy New Year guys. It’s been what? Six months? *clears cobwebs from screen*. I honestly don’t have an excuse for not blogging, maybe I’m just lazy or i totally lost my mojo but i am very sorry for my absence. Special shout out to those that followed my blog and commented on my old posts regardless of my inconsistent behavior , i love y’all.

So I have a quick question, how many of y’all followed through with your new year resolutions last year cos it seems to me that after the first month most people just leave it by the side of the road and the following year they pick up new resolutions again. It’s that hard uhn?

Well i definately have goals i set out to accomplish this year and tbh last year was  good to me, tons of challenges and down moments but hey it was good and i must include it was indeed veryyyyyy stressful. I put in alot of hardwork and worked long nights and it sure paid off and this year i set the bar even higher :D and this time I’m going to blog more often, i can’t promise daily posts sha oo, baby steps shall we?

Please leave a comment below, i would really like to know what you did during the holidays and your plans for 2015. Lots and lots of love, Fola xxx

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The Flare Skirt

Its been so many days since January, I can’t believe its June already, Thank God. So I am starting to feel like the laziest blogger on earth that has so many things to post but never does. This year has been very eventful for me and stressful as well. I have also decided to get a camera and tripod as most times I have nobody to take photos of me so you guys should include me in your prayers :D





This is a last minute outfit I put together for a book launch i was invited to last weekend and I went with my friend Jerrie. I bought this skirt in January from my friend but didn’t have an occasion for it until now. I am not a skirt person but i just love the fullness of this one.
A very fat thank you to Jerrie Rotimi for the amazing photos, you can follow him and view his work here

Flare skirt – From Posi (similar here)
Off Shoulder Body – Club L
Court Shoes – Liliana

P.s: Please enter for the giveaway by Èkó Luxury Makeup brand in my last post

Pps: This post was created last weekend but I couldn’t upload the pictures due to network struggle

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Èkó Luxury Makeup by Africanism cosmopolitan (giveaway)


Hello guys & happy democracy day to my Nigerian readers. There is a Luxury makeup/cosmetics brand called Èkó Luxury Makeup by Africanism cosmopolitan and they just started sale in Nigeria with two new products

Èkó luxury mink Eyelashes which costs (N4000)



 Arewa 88-color eyeshadow palette (N3,500)


These items can be purchased either by direct email order, via their social media platforms or their retail outlet in Lagos at SuiteE370-379, Ikota shopping complex Ajah, Lagos.

Now for the giveaway *drum rolllllll*
Thanks to the people at Èkó Makeup, 5 Readers/followers of my blog get 15% discount off their purchase on either of the two products….YES! 15% off.

You must follow them on
 Instagram: @shop_africanismcosmopolitan
 Facebook:  Èkó Makeup
 Twitter: @EKOmakeup

You must also comment your purchase interest under this blog post + your email address (e.g Arewa 88-color eyeshadow palette , and I will send the discount code to you which you would include in your order email to them. Please kindly tell a friend to tell a friend to shop Èkó Makeup and buy Nigerian.

Instagram: @shop_africanismcosmopolitan
Twitter:      @EKOmakeup

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Drop Beats Not Bombs









My favourite :D




I’m sure my post title got y’all thinking like “…..errrrr…What’s this about”. I can’t begin to express my love for this tshirt, Its a souvenir my friend gave me from his trip to America lastweek (Thank you Toyobo). Immediately he showed it to me I knew what i was going to do with it. With everything that’s going on in Nigeria presently, the inscription on the shirt really spoke to my soul and for a moment I was sad.
The snap back on the other hand is my favourite fashion item at the moment, its crazy how I’m steady looking for reasons to wear it every day and with everything and I love how it gets everyone’s attention lol. The pictures were taken by my friend Emmanuel (view some of his work here) who is a very talented photographer, tbh I couldn’t say no when he offered to take the pictures and even though the sun was well on its way down I think they still came out nice.

Photo Credit: Emmanuel Oyeleke
Assistant: Leylarh cadne

Tshirt: (Gift)
Skater skirt: Mr Price
Sandals: River Island
Rings: H&M
Snap back: Dsquared

What are your thoughts on this outfit? Please drop your comments below I would love to read from you

P.S: Please let’s take few minutes every day to pray for Nigeria and our beloved ones. We need all the prayers.

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Style Crush || Kavita Donkersley





I don’t know where to start, her pictures say it all. I found Kavita while I was randomly surfing the internet about 2years ago (yes that long), her picture came up in my search, I visited her blog and it was love at first sight. I convinced myself I was just going to view her pictures and leave her page, next thing I knew I subscribed to her blog and she just makes me fall deeper in love with every post and honestly I just want all her clothes.
Her style? Her style is everyyyyything. She brings it every time. She wears the kind of things you see on the rack and you are convinced they won’t look good on you, I mean everything looks good on her. I like the fact that She gives details of her outfit and lets you know if its an imitation or if she got it on ebay, a car boot sale or thrift store for £1. Wanna see more of her? Check here

What do you guys think of her? Which look is your favourite?

P.S: I strongly believe I will meet her soon and very soon :)

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Retro Religion At Mente de Moda


Hello guys, how have you been? Remember Mente de Moda? Well, its a bi-monthly fashion & art exhibition that holds in Lagos, Nigeria and the next edition is next Sunday (3 days away) April 6, 2014 from 12-7pm.
Good news is that Retro Religion will be Live at this edition of the exhibition and i will be showcasing gorgeous and colorful vintage pieces at my stand. From vintage print shirts to vintage skirts, vintage blazer, high waist short and of course vintage dresses all ranging from N2000 – N4000. So please tell someone to tell someone to bring their friends to Mente de Moda this sunday and look out for the Retro Religion stand to shop amazing pieces.

Also if you are a follower of my blog you get 10% discount on your purchase so please come one come all.
VENUE: 82, Adetokunbo Ademola str, Victoria island, Lagos (opposite Eko hotels and Ocean view restaurant)
DATE: April 6, 2014 (Sunday)
TIME: 12-7PM

See y’all there :D ………xx

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